Choosing The Right Home Inspector For You

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Home Inspections help to know what may be presently or become a problem in the future when purchasing a home.  Buyers need to interview inspectors before they hire one.  Here are some questions buyers need to ask a potential home inspector.

I - What do you check?

    Home inspectors are restricted to general inspections, usually what you can see, from the roof down to the foundation.  However, there are some things that most home inspectors shy away from.


               Weather permitting most will go up on the roof and look at the shingles for wear and tear and any visual damage.  They may give you on estimate on how much roof life remains.  If you need any further information it is recommended that you hire a roofing company to do a "roof inspection".  Many times they will not charge for this service.


               Many times large cracks are present in walls or floors.  This sometimes is a good indicator of a potential problem.  If you have concerns or your home inspector indicates a concern it would be advisable to hire a trained structural engineer to take a look.  Many times shifting or tilting may be discovered.

                 Fireplace and chimney

                 Flashlights can be shined up a chimney to check obstructions and a damper can be opened and closed to make sure it works, but what about soot and creosote buildups that could start a fire later at some point.  There are fireplace inspectors that may be hired to check it out further if it is a concern.

                  Well and septic system

                  Home inspectors usually will not check a well or septic system.  Many times your loan will require an inspection at which time a professional should be hired.

II.    What do you charge?

        Cost depends many times on the size of the home.  Home inspections will range from $300-$600 depending on how much detail you want in the written report.

III.    Can I be there during the inspection?

          Most home inspectors will ask that you join them. It is a good opportunity to ask questions.  Also they'll be able to explain different systems in the home and their operations.



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