Feng Shui

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We have all heard the term "Feng Shui"   I hope this article can help clear up the meaning and give some insight to it.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that was developed over 3000 years ago.  The purpose was to help people balance the energies in the home.  Feng Shui translates into "Wind Water".   It is believed that the elements play an important roll in everyday Chinese life.  Wind and water bring good harvests which generates good health and prosperity.

Feng Shui is based on Taoist philosophy, which puts a lot of stock into living in harmony with nature.  The land is alive with energy, which translates into your home being alive with chi (energy).  You want to arrange your home that the chi can be maximized.

To achive this you will need a Bagua Map which includes (8) building blocks of life.  Health, love, wealth, career, wisdom/knowledge, reputation/fame, children/creativity, helpful people,  plus the center area of chi.

To form a bagua map, consider the structure of your home.  Ideally the shape is a square or rectangle.  Divide the square into 9 parts.  This corresponds with the 9 bagua areas.  If your home is L-shaped or U-shaped use dotted lines to form squares or rectangles. 

The front door is considered the baseline of your map.  Look at the front door, the area to your right is "helpful people".  The area to the left designates "wisdom/knowledge" and the between those two is your "career".  The center 3, left to right, are "Family", "Chi", and "Children/creativity.  The upper left corner is "wealth", middle is "fame/reputation"  and the upper right is "Marriage".



Wisdom/career/helpful people

---------------Front Door--------------

Now that your drawing is complete you can start placing symbolic objects in the areas to maximize the chi in those particular areas.

                      Ex:  Wealth area you could place a bowl of coins.  A clear crystal on a red cord represents wealth.   Wedding photos and keepsakes in your marriage area - pictures of you children in the children area. 

The center of chi area should remain uncluttered.  

Colors and their meaning help enhance the area.

                      Red:   Warmth and Strength (too much  can cause arguments)

                      Green:  Health/potential

                      Purple:  Spiritual guidance

                      Yellow:  Energy/life

                      Black:  Mood/perception (too much can be draining)

                      Pink:  Love/romance