First Impression Makes A Difference

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Real Estate

Have you thought about selling your home?  There are a few "must dos" before listing your property.  Maintenance is imperative.  Any deferred maintenance needs to be completed to insure an inviting curb appeal.  Your home needs to make a good "first impression"  when someone may be walking through.  It is extremely important to have a good photographer also.  In this day and age of internet shopping this is where a potential buyer will probably see your home first.  Buyers need to see that "wow" factor!  Make sure your home says come see me in person!   Property only makes a first good impression to a potential buyer once.

Professional photography will make a big difference in the quality of your photos.  Photographers will often stage a shot, some will even have means of aerial photos.  Twilight photos is another option.  These photos often make a great showcase.

Photos can and will make a difference in the time frame of selling your property.  Being prepared will ultimately result in inviting images which will invite potential buyers on line to come out in person and view your property.