Helpful Hints About Moving

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So – It’s Time To Move

               So – you have sold your home and purchased your new one – now you are ready “to move”.  The truck is rented or borrowed now it’s time start loading.   Wow – lots of space inside, I can get everything we own in there plus some!  Guess again, they get very small very quickly!
Have a plan prior to loading.

               As soon as you know you will be moving get your boxes.  Best idea is to get boxes of similar size (they stack better).  If you are like me, don’t try to put everything in one box.  Keep your boxes fairly light so you can pick them up easily.  Keep your boxes organized by weight (heaviest - average - light).

This will come in handy when loading.

               When loading start with heavy furnishings such as dressers, desks etc..  If the furniture is likely to move, even a little against each other or the sides of the truck put pieces of plastic drop cloths, furniture pads or blankets between to prevent any damage.  Always have straps – they come in handy!

               Now that the furniture is loaded it is time to load the boxes.  Take your time and you’ll save yourself a lot of space, kind a like a puzzle.  Place these items side to side if possible with heaviest on the bottom to lightest on the top (that’s the reason to organize them first inside your home, garage or storage.).  Much easier to grab as you go.  This method hopefully will keep your load from shifting around.

               Save odd-shaped and lighter items for last.  That decorative rug can make a good filler.  Odd-shaped items can be fit in the holes around the larger items and furniture.  You should not end up with a lot of space between the ceiling and front when you are finished. 

               You don’t have to put everything in the truck – remember you probably will have room in the other vehicles you are taking.  Anything liquid or perishable should not be put in the moving truck.  Fragile items or your favorite statue or lamps will fair much better wrapped in a blanket and put in your vehicle with you. 

               Last but not least – secure your truck with a lock – moving truck thieves are out there and it does happen.

               Hopefully I gave you a few good hints to moving.  Relax a little, take your time and above all don’t stress!  Have a great experience!