Holiday Safety

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The holiday season, what a great time of the year.  Shopping, cooking and the energy to deal with family, but the one thing added to all this is "safety".  According to the U.S.  Consumer Product Safety Commission, more that 8700 people end up in emergency rooms due to holiday-related injuries.  There are at least 400 Christmas tree fires plus candle-related fires.  These two items make up approximately 10,000 fires per year resulting in 20 deaths, 70 injuries and $ 15 million in property loss and damage.

Lets talk about your tree.  Make sure it is green and moist.  Note the trunk, it should be sticky with resin and the needles should be difficult to pull off the branches.

When placing your tree don't set it near the fireplace or any other heat source.  If you purchase an artificial tree make sure it is fire-resistant.  Always anchor your tree firmly to the stand and out of the traffic area.  Keep pets away from Christmas tree water, it may contain toxic fertilizer.

Decorations are pretty but can cause problems.  Always use decorations that are flame resistant and none-combustible materials.

Small children find bright colors and shininess irresistible.  Place anything like mini pine cones, potpourri, small ornaments, hard candy and any displays with small pieces high and out of reach.

Lights for inside and out should only be used if tagged and certified tested for safety and throw away the old damaged sets.  When using extension cords the rule-of-thumb is no more than three standard-sized sets per cord.

Things to keep away from your pets:  chocolate, yeast dough, leftovers and garbage, foil and cellophane, poinsettias, mistletoe and holly.  These can cause cramping. severe diarrhea and in some cases death.

Above all - Have a "Very Merry Christmas" and stay safe!!