Hot Weather - Don't Feel Like Cooking

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When the hot weather finally kicks in we often don't cook as much as when it's cooler outside.  We need to learn how to take advantage of what different options are available to us.  

Planning menus ahead often helps.  Instead of fixing just one meal make a number of meals ahead and freeze them for later use.  Freeze meats in marinades to save time and enhance flavor.  Take advantage of fresh produce as much as you can.  A great salad in summer time is well rewarding instead of a hot meal.

But when you do decide to cook try to use small appliances.  Things like crock pots and rice steamers won't heat up your home like your stove and oven.  Always try to use the grill or smoker outside for those special meals.  Grilling or smoking meats sure do make them taste a whole lot better!

There are many prepared meals on the market these days that taste really good.  Use your microwave - it's quick and doesn't heat up your home.

Hope this helps with some new ideas on how to cook in the heat of summer,