Increase Your Homes Sale-Ability

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Increase Your Homes Sale-Ability

So you think you would like to sell your home. Try to take a good look at your home from a buyers point of view. When looking note the front door – does it need to be painted? Are some of the address numbers missing? A few things you can do to make your home more appealing. A nice “curb appeal” makes your home say “Welcome” to a perspective buyer. Lets start with the yard. Keep it mowed and plant some flowers and shrubs. A nice yard will tell people you care about your home. It will give the idea that the inside will be perfect too. Nothing better than a freshly painted front door and clean windows!

Inside needs to be spacious looking. Remove clutter, even some furniture if need be. Clean carpets, curtains and blinds. Hang mirrors to give a small room that large feeling. This may sound crazy but remove all family photos. You want buyers to view your home not your family photos. One important thing would be to paint any rooms that need it, usually a neutral color, off white or beige works very well.

It is always a good idea to replace kitchen and bathroom faucets. Nothing is noticed more than a dripping faucet. Also try to remove all products from the counter tops. Store towels neatly in a cabinet or closet. If the handles or pulls on the cabinets are worn or some missing do yourself a favor and replace them. You can even add moldings to a flat surface door and make them look brand new. Last but not least – clean your oven!

Time for a showing – lets get ready. Tidy up by sweeping and vacuuming. Remove all trash bins from all the rooms. Open the blinds and curtains so the light can come in and filter throughout the home by opening all the interior doors. Make your beds and tidy up all the decorative cushions throughout your home. If you have time bake bread, the smell could sell your home. Above all try to maintain a comfortable temperature for the season. If it’s winter and you have a fireplace it is a great idea to light it. Nothing says home like the warmth and comfort of a fire. Also make sure the walkway is clear of snow and ice. If a night showing make sure the porch light works properly.

When your home first goes on the market there’s a lot of extra activity. New on market – new excitement! Price it Right the first time! Why waste time and effort over pricing your home.

These are just some of the ideas on how to boost your homes sale-ability. I just know you probably can think of more. Happy Selling!!