Make A Room Look More Spacious!

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Wanting to make your room look more spacious try painting the ceiling with a high gloss paint.  By doing this the glossy paint will reflect more light which in turn will make it appear more spacious than it really is.  By using flush-mount light fixtures, especially over the dining table, will lift the perception of the ceiling.

Lets try another technique.  Try using long horizontal designs.  This will distract the eye from looking up and can actually lift the vertical parts of the room.  One good example are long shelves.  They command attention and people will notice the expanse of the wall instead.

Mill work will also help.  Floor to ceiling is eye catching and also lifts the ceiling.  Create a wall using a nice paneling and trim with stacked squares, this will create the illusion of height.

Height isn't the only reason to consider design that will showcase the ceiling.  You can add more depth to a room by just using some eye-catching qualities.

These are just a few ideas that can help make a room look and feel more spacious.  I am sure you can think of many more to try.