Minor Repairs Can Yield More Money!

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Home Improvement

"A better strategy is to perform the repairs before putting your house on the market."

Observe your home as a potential buyer would.  Are there obvious repairs that need to be done?

The money  you spend on minor repairs can make a difference in the final sale price.

Buyers will usually over estimate the cost of repairs.  That cost most likely will be reflected in their offer to compensate for the expense they feel they will incur.

Before putting your home on the market it is a good idea to perform the repairs.

Marketability and offer price tend to be higher when the small tasks have been taken care of.

              * replace cracked windows and torn screens

              * fix or replace broken stairs and railings

              * fix leaking faucets (inside and outside)

              * replace broken and leaking gutters and downspouts

              * repair decks or porches

              * have heating and air conditioning units serviced and replace filters

              * clean the entry area and paint the front door if necessary

              * clean, repair or replace the roof

The buyers first impression is the key.  Doing the minor repairs before putting your house on the market is the key to a quicker, hassle-free sale which in turn will yield a higher bottom line.