Spring Is Coming!

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Home Improvement

Spring is coming  even though it does not look or feel like it.  It is the time of year we start thinking about the exterior of our homes, gardens and flower beds.

Lets talk about exterior painting.  With proper materials and plenty of preparation you can do the job as well as any professional.

When figuring how much paint you will need know the dimension of your exterior walls. Multiply height x width to get the total square footage of each wall.  Then add all the square footage together for the total amount.  The paint cans will tell you approximately how much paint you will need.  Do not take out for windows and doors - don't forget you do have an overhang to consider also,  

Flat exterior acrylic latex paints are the most popular.  It allows for good coverage and versatility.  A semi-gloss acrylic latex is used mostly on doors, gutters and around windows.  It is washable and resistant to staining.

If you have a smaller home you may want to use a light color, this will give the illusion of larger.  

Depending on your location and climate the light colors will  absorb less heat where if you live in a cold climate a darker color will absorb the heat.

Always remember to buy the correct brushes for the paint type you are using.  Also you will need masking tape, scrapers of various sizes and a utility knife.