The "Don't" of Real Estate Loans

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Hi again,

Are you in the middle of purchasing a home?  Did your "Realtor" tell you a few things NOT to do during this time?  Well, I just thought I would mention it again because it does happen more than you think.

Above all - do not change your job or become self-employed.  A stable job at this time of your purchase is very important to the lender.

Another one we see often is purchasing a car, truck or van.  This could change your credit score as well as your debt to income ratio.  You may have to live in your new vehicle!

Credit card balances are another NO-NO.  Do not use credit cards excessively or let current accounts fall behind.  I have seen people to out and charge new furniture, for their new home, on their credit cards.  Trust me this was not a pretty sight.

If someone asks you to co-sign a loan for them please tell them NO.  This changes your credit even though they tell you it won't.  It does become your debt too!

If you happen to come into a large sum of money please do not deposit this into your checking/savings account without first checking with your loan officer.  DO NOT change your bank during the loan process.

These are just a few of the things we come across on a daily basis.  So please listen to your "Realtor" and don't do anything you will regret later. Some of these things could cost you the purchase of a home.