Thinking About A Lawn!

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It is close to that time of year again.  Dusty yard or have you lived with a less-than-desired lawn?  Now is the time to start thinking about planting.

First of all - what is your soil type?  The pH levels are below 7, add lime and a nitrogen based fertilizer.  Your local Extension Service Office is here to help.  They can tell you what you need to do as well as the type grasses for our local area conditions.

In most areas of the U.S. you will want to seed "cool-season" grasses in late summer or early fall.  In the south great time is spring or summer and use "warm-season" grasses.

If you decide to lay sod instead it should be laid in fall or spring in the north and spring in the south.  Sod needs to establish roots  before cold weather sets in  so lay sod prior to one month before the first frost.