Thinking About Selling

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Are you contemplating selling your home?  Here are a few ideas that by spending a little money and some elbow grease to get your property in "move-in" ready condition could produce a better bottom line at closing.  Smaller and less expensive upgrades in combination with good staging do support a higher price.  These are a few of the most important items to address before listing a home for sale.

(1)  Fix Flooring:  While wood floors are nice they do get scratched over time.  Carpet becomes out dated and many times looks ratty while tired and ripped vinyl all make a house look sad.  People will enter the front door and sometimes immediately turn around and leave.  They do not want to fix or replace and sometimes do not have the extra money to do it.  In most cases the seller can do this and recoup 100% of the money spent.

(2)  Repair Water Stains:  Even tough plumbing problems have been completed for awhile leftover water stains tend to scare a potential buyer into thinking the problem still exists.  Make sure the problem is resolved for sure then complete the cosmetic ones.  In most cases these repairs are very inexpensive.

(3)  Touch up Grout:  Cracked or missing grout can be a real turnoff to buyers.  New grout can make floors, walls and back splashes look revived.   Re-grouting is usually very inexpensive and can make a home look relatively "new".

These are just some inexpensive ideas but money well spent when it comes to the bottom line in a sale.