Winter Is Coming!

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Winter Is Coming - Are You Prepared?

Well it is that time of year again.  Time to take a good look at your home and what you have to do to prepare for the winter season.

Lets start with the outside:  Good time to trim bushes and trees. Always clean out gutters from debris that has accumulated over the summer.  Make sure you have a chimney screen in place to collect any blowing leaves.  Check all steps and railings to make sure they are secure and safe.  Your lawn mower and any other lawn equipment should be drained of all gas.  Above all try to keep snow and ice away from garage doors and sidewalks.

Now on to the inside:  Lets try to find air leaks around doors and windows.  You may want to hire a contractor to perform a blower test to find leaks.  It is a good idea to replace the weather stripping and caulk around windows and doors.  You may want to put a draft stopper on your doors.  Did you ever feel around your electric receptacles and switches?  It is a good idea to put a form gasket behind wall plates.  Also keep your fireplace damper closed when not in use.  Remember to close all crawl space vents.

Lets check the furnace:  You may want to hire a professional to check and clean your system.  Replace any filters, usually once a month is recommended.  Don’t forget to set the ceiling fans to blow upward forcing warm air down.